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The "Millenary Pendulum" takes 4.000 years to produce, literally.

The material used to create this beautiful pendulum is not normal wood, but a Chilean endemic material called "Picoyo". This is an amber/crystalized resin substance that comes from the heart of the "Araucaria", a sacred tree for Mapuches (group of indigenous inhabitants of south-central Chile).

Picoyo is VERY difficult to work with, but thanks to our expert artisan we are able to offer you this beautiful unique piece for your mystery performances (in limited quantity)

This pendulum works perfectly for all our line of "Wooden Tools"

With your order you will receive:
1. Your new "Millenary" Pendulum
2. FREE 2-way out "MultiVelvet Bag"
3. Special eBook in which you will learn basic use of pendulums and an exclusive routines with your new "Millenary Pendulum"

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