The Hermetic Philosophy is full of understandings for us as Mystery Performers, and with the "Hermetic Pendulum" you can initiate your studies and facilitate powerful moments with this tool.

A new (handmade) "thematic pendulum" that will give you powerful symbols and aesthetics. 

Hermeticism is a complex topic of study, and yet in the exclusive eBook you will learn powerful and simple approaches that you can apply even if you are just a beginner in pendulum or philosophy.

In the exclusive eBook you will learn:

1. Pendulum 101: Basic strategies and approaches to use pendulums

2. Hermeticism 101: A crash course in the concepts and ideas that you need to embody in order to use your pendulum in effective ways

3. Telepathic Principles: A powerful piece of mindreading using your hermetic pendulum and the 7 Hermetic Principles

4. Precognitive Principles: A direct and simple method to predict any Hermetic Principle using your new pendulum

5. Extra Ideas using your Hermetic Pendulum

With your order you will receive:

1. Hermetic Pendulum
2. Exclusive eBook with the ideas and pieces


• • •