Price: $45 with FREE worldwide shipping

The "Versatile Pendulum" is designed so will give you several benefits in comparison to other pendulums.

-Packs very flat. You can keep it in your coin purse or pocket without any extra bulk.
-The old silver Chilean coin used is easily detachable.
-You can use the coin independently as prop for Mentalism or as an oracle for Readings.

This is not just any other pendulum, rather a practical new tool that can bring to your performances versatility and new options to create ideomotor miracles.

With your purchase you will receive:
1. "Versatile Pendulum"
2. FREE 2 Way "MultiVelvet Bag"
3. Special eBook in which you will learn: Basic use of Pendulums, Mentalism Routines, Reading system with the coin and much more!

Price: $45 with FREE worldwide shipping

This is a very responsive pendulum. Using a coin gives just the right atmosphere, being an inconspicuous object -- but hinting at some deeper or personal meaning. Customer service 6 out of 5 stars!
Urs Müller

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