1. person who can supposedly see into the future; prophet
2. person who professes supernatural powers
3. person who sees

The "Secret Seer" can allow you to have excellent new options for your performance. 
This "dual hold" pendulum uses a small crystal ball and a pocketwatch that you can use for doing mindreading, predictions and much more.

The pocketwatch works as a "hidden in plain sight" shiner, so you dont need to secretly palm your small gimmick. Also works to do your favorite "watch" routines. 

The small crystal ball can be used to secretly cue your participant and much more.

With your purchase you will receive:
1. "Secret Seer" Pendulum
2. Velvet bag to carry your pendulum
3. Special eBook in which you will learn: Basic use of pendulums and several effects and options with your new pendulum

Price: $50 with FREE worldwide shipping

BUT you can add my  pendulum eBook (Normally $40) with 50% off!
"Secret Seer" and Ideas about Pendulums just for $70

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