Price: $50 with FREE worldwide shipping

(ask your participant) "Do you have a third eye?"

I have one....

The "Eye Bracelet" is a new companion for your everyday carry. A practical self-contained pendulum that you can remove from your wrist in a second thanks to the magnetic clasp and use in your performance.

The "eye" offers to the pendulum dynamic a strange and cool aesthetic.
Thanks to the magnetic clasp, you can add other objects as well so you can use it as a "Dual Pendulum"

You can get the "bead or the chain" version. Each one is handmade, prepared for your own desire and needs.

With your purchase you will receive:
1. A custom made  "Eye Bracelet"
2. 2. 2-way out "MultiVelvet Bag" to carry your pendulum
3. Special eBook in which you will learn: Basic use of pendulums and optional uses with your new "Eye Bracelet"

Price: $50 with FREE worldwide shipping

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