...beauty is in the details

The "Bracelet Pendulum" is designed to provide the mystery perfomer a stylish, modern and practical option for pendulum work using a magnetic clasp.

Just place this bracelet in your wrist and you are ready to do pendulum work anytime anywhere.

You can ask for wooden beads or stone and even special orders if you ask for it with a smile!

(black agate, black lava stone and red tiger eye.)

With added details such as skulls or hooks

(with the added hook you can place a ring or other object to use as weight)

You can use the bracelet alone as pendulum, or you can add any object to create an interesting visual.
If you want, you can even add two different objects and create a "Dual Hold Pendulum"

If you dont want to use a magnetic clasp, you can ask for this variant that doesnt open but is completely self-contained 

With your purchase you will receive:
1. A custom made (your preference of length) "Bracelet Pendulum"
2. 2-way out "MultiVelvet Bag" to carry your pendulum
3. Special eBook in which you will learn: Basic use of pendulums and optional uses with your new bracelet

Price: $50 with FREE worldwide shipping

Special Offer:  Add my pendulum eBook (Normally $40) with 50% off!
"Bracelet Pendulum" and Ideas about Pendulums just for $70

Pablo Amira's hand-made wrist malas are stylish, and suitable for male or female performers. They are a natural prop to bring a visual element to many routines. The secret property they possess is also a useful attribute that I'm sure will inspire a lot of creativity among mentalists and magicians. I also appreciate that I get to wear something that is a constant reminder of my friendship with Mr. Amira!
Ben Blau

Very pleased with this and it is such a great idea to use it for a pendulum. 
Joseph Moore

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