"Bob" is a new pendulum in homage to our great "Master Mindreader" Bob Cassidy. 
Bob Cassidy as legend in Mentalism reminds us the importance of simple innovations, credibility and powerful performances.

What makes this pendulum special?

The crystal quartz in "Bob" is not fixed on one end as in most pendulums, rather it can be moved along the chain, so you will have several new possibilities for your performances.
Finally a "Horizontal Pendulum" is available for mystery performers!

First, it can work as a normal pendulum. You can use the magnetic clasp as holder or attach other object if you desire.
Second, it can work as a mini pendulum for close up personal performances.
Third, it can become the fantastic and under-used "Horizontal Pendulum" offered by the Master Mindreader in his "Pendulum of Fate" eBook.

and you can even use it as bracelet!

With your purchase you will receive:
1. "Bob"
2. 2-way out "MultiVelvet Bag" to carry your pendulum
3. Special eBook in which you will learn: Basic use of pendulums and unique routines using your new piece

Price: $45 with FREE worldwide shipping

Also you can get the "Halloween" Variant for a special price
Normal Price: $60
Special Price: $45 with FREE worldwide shipping

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