Price: $50 with FREE worldwide shipping

A self contained pendulum
A new accessory for your everyday carry
A pendulum with a powerful stone full of beauty and metaphysical properties

You decide!

"Amethyst Bracelet" is a new piece available at Arkanosophy that will give you the opportunity to perform with pendulums anytime, anywhere, completely self-contained ( as our "Eye Bracelet") , thanks to the beautiful Amethyst stone, which has a magnetic clasp which is very easy to attach and detach. 

As always, each bracelet is handmade to your desire and needs (we can use wooden or stone beads)

With your purchase you will receive:
1. A custom made  "Amethyst Bracelet"
2. FREE 2-way out "MultiVelvet Bag" 
3. Special eBook in which you will learn basic use of pendulums and ideas  with your new "Amethyst Bracelet"

Price: $50 with FREE worldwide shipping

AND if you are interested, just for extra $10 you can get a practical extra "Stone Magnetic Bob" to have always with you

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